“I know.” We hear kids say it all the time, and as adults we think to ourselves that with age comes wisdom. But how often do we say it ourselves – when we don’t really know?
In this ultra fast world, where the speed of information supplied to us often leaves us too little time to stop and really think past a glance and consider other possibilities.

So consider this… how much are you costing yourself? How much time? How much money? And how much stress are you costing yourself by telling yourself that “I know that”.

By assuming that you “know” about a certain subject, are you stopping yourself from seeing that issue in a different light?… a different perspective? A perspective that might see you take a different action, one that could solve a problem you’ve had?

Many people only stick with what they know – or what they think they know for many reasons. They feel fear of failure, or feel that as the boss they are supposed to know or are simply trapped by their own success in to thinking they know everything they need to know.

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