How would you like a 25% increase in new clients? “How?” I’m sure you are asking. Well, you start by answering this all important question.

What do you usually do when you hear NO from a prospective client?

Think carefully because how you answer this question will tell you a lot. This question can reveal whether you are maximizing your marketing efforts or squandering them.

You see, it’s not unusual to hear NO when you’re in business. Chances are you hear it on a daily basis. The problem is not with the NO. The problem is what happens next.

Most business owners spend most of their time, energy and money trying to find more ways to get people to say YES. But despite their best efforts, there are always people who say NO (at least initially).

When I ask most business owners what their marketing sequence is for converting those who said NO to their original offer, most say, ‘What Marketing Sequence?”. Savvy marketers understand one thing above all else; just because you hear NO initially doesn’t mean NO definitely. In fact, in about 25% of cases, it simply means NOT YET.

But here’s where the problems begin. Once most businesses hear NO, they forget the prospect. By saying NO, the prospective client is cast aside, viewed as a waste of time and forgotten as quickly as they arrived. The business neglects to maintain communication, instead choosing to see the prospect as a lost cause.

This is a huge and costly mistake.

By building an effective, targeted and systemized follow up process, it is highly likely that you could pick up as many as one in four of those prospects who initially said NO. That’s an additional 25% of new clients you had previously written off as non buyers.

I suggest next time a prospect says NO to your offering, what you hear them say is NOT YET. That way instead of discarding them and throwing away all the marketing dollars you invested to bring them through the door, you have a plan and process in place to continue marketing to them.

To do this you need to build a sequence of marketing pieces that engage, educate and reignite the prospect’s desire to work with you.

I can promise you that when you switch your hearing to NOT YET instead of NO, and maintain some meaningful communication, you will see a substantial increase in your bottom line where you can truly maximize your marketing efforts.

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