Have you ever considered getting a business coach?  
Do you know what a business coach is or does?  There are coaches for athletes, singers, actors, musicians, golfers and more.  So, why would a Business Coach be considered so different?  For most entrepreneurs, they have no less a commitment than the actor, or athlete; yet the notion of a business coach remains foreign or considered only when the business is in trouble.
On the other hand, great business leaders as notable as Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Eric Schmidt share one thing in common: They both rely on a mentor and business coach.
Here’s advice from a real business owner.  
“Although I sought out Ted’s advice on business strategy, he also became a shoulder for me in dealing with the loneliness of leadership.  As the entrepreneur and sole owner of a company, I had to make unpopular decisions. Not wanting to reveal my insecurity to employees, I would seek out Ted for a pep talk.  I remember one day when I had to fire a popular but under-performing employee. Everyone in my company was sad to see this fun-loving individual go. I wanted the approval of my employees, but I knew I couldn’t turn inward for validation, so I went to see my business coach. Ted put his arm around my shoulder and told me about some of the people he had to let go in building his company. After 30 minutes with Ted, I felt rejuvenated and ready to go back to work. And that’s the thing about business coaches: Their support can give you someone to lean on — without undermining your authority to lead your team.”
So how do you find a business coach?  
My suggestion is to look for someone who has done what you’re attempting to do…a business person that has “been there and done that”.   A person that can counsel you on sales and marketing issues, personnel, finance, operations, and distribution.  Who is your shoulder?  Who do you rely on to be your accountability, and strategy coach? No one should have to go it alone, although, as they say, “it’s lonely at the top”. Guess what — it doesn’t have to be!
Your business coach will help you develop a deeper understanding of the economics and finances of your business.  Your business coach guides you through  through developing a strong sales and marketing engine for your business and prepares you for dealing with the increase in sales and production so the business doesn’t disappoint newly acquired customers and clients.  At the end of the day your business coach will be….
¨ Your single sounding board.
¨ Your board of advisors.
¨ An “idea generator” with you.
¨ A check point and creator of new strategies for your business.
¨ Someone that will hold you accountable for your DREAMS.
A business coach will talk you through issues and challenges that may be new to you, but old hat for the coach.  
Oddly enough, because  of the experience and coaching methodologies that your coach brings to your situation, the coach introduces a simplicity that will bring time and control back into the business owner’s life. Wow, how good would that feel?  
At Peak Performance Action COACH we have coached,  advised, and trained over 100 businesses and well over 1,000 individuals on their journey to achieve personal and company goals.  As the holiday season approaches,, we are thankful for the trust and confidence our clients have placed in us as we move them closer and more assuredly toward their dreams. 
Allow us to help you crystallize your dreams and the pathway toward achieving them.

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