The Acute Heptagram of Impact

Not as catchy a title as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, but I hope you’ll walk through this with me:

I can outline a strategy for you, but if you don’t have the tactics
in place or you’re not skilled enough to execute, it won’t matter if the
strategy is a good one.

Your project’s success is going to be influenced in large measure by
the reputation of the people who join in and the organization that
brings it forward. That’s nothing you can completely change in a day,
but it’s something that will change (like it or not) every day.

None of this matters if you and your team don’t persist, and your
persistence will largely be driven by the desire you have to succeed,
which of course is relentlessly undermined by the fear we all wrestle
with every day.

These seven elements: Strategy, Tactics, Execution, Reputation,
Persistence, Desire and Fear, make up the seven points of the acute
heptagram of impact. If your project isn’t working, it’s almost
certainly because one or more of these elements aren’t right. And in my
experience, it’s all of them. We generally pick the easiest and safest
one to work on (probably tactics) without taking a deep breath and
understanding where the real problem is.


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