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August, 2016

August Newsletter, 2016
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“Growth and Profitability at the TOP and BOTTOM of your Sales Funnel”

In our office, we have a large graphic that displays all the milestones of our “6 Steps to Massive Results” methodology.

I was examining our 6 Steps the other day and felt we needed to declare the huge amount of profitability that exists at the TOP and BOTTOM of a Business Sales Funnel. It lies in executing strategies that lower the cost of acquiring a new customer and increasing the Lifetime Value of each customer.

Here are some points for you to
ponder for
doing both.

Lowering the cost of acquiring a new customer:

  • Are you tracking your prospects or leads by each marketing strategy or campaign? This tells you which marketing tactic to keep funding and those to drop. Some marketing tactics may be expensive, however, if they are yielding a good number of leads that line up with your target market, then it’s worth the investment.
  • Are you measuring your conversion rate? Conversion rate is the number of leads that become customers.
  • Do you have a diverse set of marketing tactics, or are you relying on only 2-3 efforts? Truth is, in today’s markets, prospects respond to a variety of marketing communications.

Increasing the Life-Time
Value of a customer:

  • Are you measuring the length of time a client continues to buy from you and how many individual transactions involved? This is a key leverage point in any business. Often times a business will not make a profit on a customer until the 2nd or 4th transaction. It can take that long to to pay back the marketing and administrative costs associated with acquiring the customer.
  • Do you have a progressive set of products and services that will support your customer as their needs change and can you meet those evolving needs for both your customer and your business?

To be in a position to answer “yes” to these questions will add new potential to your business.

We can help you set-up methods for capturing the key information needed and help you execute strategies to improve those numbers.

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