B.A.D. Business LIVE Highlights episode 01 part 1 Business Mastery – Destination Introduction – Vision, Goal, Why Bruce Himmelblau, Blue Sky Video Productions & Dave Verbeten, Peak Performance ActionCoach discuss how business owners, managers, sales people and marketing professionals can increase their skills.

The six step process starts with Mastery.

Episode 1 explores Destination Mastery. Setting the Goals, Vision and Why of the business. This is the first broadcast of our series. Hopefully we’ll be going a few weeks on this depending on our schedules, right? Well I think depending on content but we’ll be able to quite a while.

Next 15 minutes and if you don’t get too much of a fistfight we’ll keep going with this. So now we’re so it’s kind of a discussion maybe a little bit a bit of an interview but let’s all introduce ourselves they want you go first hi Dave Verbeten, I’m the owner and senior coach for Peak Performance Action Coach. We are business coaches we help just to say it out right we help business owners overcome just about every challenge that they might have but we summarize it by saying help business owners overcome challenges with time team and money.

I am Bruce Himmelblau. I own a full-service video production company. We also do YouTube strategies so we help businesses with their video content as well as with their marketing. We’ve been in business for about 30 plus years so it’s been longer than YouTube so we we start off back in the days of VHS tapes and we used to do corporate videos on video tape. Then when the computer at age came around we jumped onto computers which made our lives a lot easier. Stuff like this wasn’t even available 30 years ago. If it was you need a TV studio to do it. Bruce’s company has helped us tremendously in terms of documenting filming and literally categorizing a lot of our content in the form of video so it’s been a great experience.

Those are you joining us if you want to share this out and those who are watching this in the replay feel free feel free to share as well so we’re gonna talk about goal setting and get part of this chart here is mastery and you subscribe with the mastery stages Chargers sure so what you see behind me here behind us is the peak performance action coach truly action coach the methodology that we employ as we engage with small and medium-sized businesses and the place where we start is in the very first column which if you’re reading it backwards the very first column is over here and it starts with mastery and there’s really four components in mastery one is certainly the destination and we’ll will put that in a in a phrase called oftentimes vision. Vision can be a little mysterious to business owners and small companies. So it’s really about where do you want to be, where do you see yourself in the future.

Then the second step is Money Mastery. That is we really need to understand the numbers in the business, both for ourselves as coaches, but then also for the business owner to know what are the important numbers that make up a successful business. Business in general then we go to self mastery which is a particularly interesting step and it really has much to do with time management principles which we run into not resistance but we just we run into issues that are often in terms of how to get things done and get things done on time the last step on our methodology is delivery mastery which is to make sure that we’ve got all of the systems and processes in place to make sure that we call it delivering on my promise and your promise for every client to deliver on their promise to the marketplace because when you hang up your shingle outside you’re implying a promise to marketplace that’s mastery.